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The Wraith stands as a menacing symbol of Callgrim's power and methods. Callgrim appropriates any resource available to him and shamelessly uses it as his own. The Master Wraith was cobbled together from various stolen resources including prototype Rig and Rig Runner parts and components. The Wraith uses an energy fusion of WARP enhanced Black Core and Phase Tech. It was so successful in battle, Callgrim replicated The Master Wraith to deploy Umbra Wraith Death Squad Units led by Hexxer. With Callgrim's blessing, Hexxer was paired with the Master Wraith to became the Wraith Dominar.

Praeco Hexxer, personally named Wraith Dominar by Callgrim himself, commands a special faction of the Order known as the Umbra-Vie. Each member of the Umbra-Vie forges a psychic bond with his Wraith.  One is an extension of the other creating a perfect symbiotic death dealing duo. Hexxer has a connection to all of the Wraiths, but none greater than that to his own.

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