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The deep space Caliber Domes of the Norisar Command report that a Lorcassic Buildship has been spotted inside the Norisar Belt.

Apart from the occasional space pirate, smuggler or lost pilot- the Norisar Belt sees very little spacefaring traffic. A Buildship in this sector is a long way from home, and it does not seem lost- its presence must be intentional.

This news piques Callgrim's interest... a Buildship so close to Planet Blattaria cannot be ignored.

Is it the Lorcassic Guard? This wouldn't be the first time that the Guard had caused Callgrim grief. They almost found the location of a WARP mine once before, resulting in the Lorcos Rebellion. No, this is something different- something much bigger.
In response, Callgrim assembles a small hit and run ambush team to investigate. The Skullface has his suspicions, and one way or another he will find out what is going on... and deal with it accordingly.



Callgrim and his commandos board the mysterious vessel, slipping through the giant gash that has crippled its main Phase Drivers.

After making quick work of the Lorcassic Gendrone defense forces, they quickly realize that this is no ordinary Buildship, appearing more vast inside than would seem possible. Callgrim is unsettled by what he witnesses and vows to put an end to it.

"Let's have a look around. We'll get to the bottom of this soon enough..."


Callgrim and his team explore the endless corridors and chambers of the Buildship. Many horrors are discovered and dealt with along the way. It's in one heavily armored chamber that the Trovic Hybrid is discovered. A fusion of gendrone and WARP technology, the Hybrid is a deadly abomination and a blasphemy in the eyes of the Order.  

The Order rose from the ashes under the leadership of Callgrim, who resurrected their ancient tenets after a chance discovery he made on Planet Blattaria. To secure the reborn Order's interests throughout Glyos, Callgrim dispatched the ruthless Vhorren Guard from New Stronghold Blattaria. Under the command of Callgrim's best and most loyal missionaries, Zayre and Riac, the Vhorren Guard continued what was begun on the ancient world of Vhorren-Vy. Peace through Order... by any means necessary.  


From the records of the Second Order:

"Rebellion was in the air on the lost world of Vhorren-Vy. In one bold strategic move, the heavily outnumbered Vhorren Guard vanquished the oppressive armies of the Gennan Kings in the Vhorren-Vy Uprising. With the Dual Kings overthrown, civil unrest was quelled and order restored."

The Vhorren Guard now serve under Zayre in the Third Order.



An army of Lorcassic Gendrones swarm to secure a massive rupture in the hull of their Buildship, damage suffered at the hands of a mysterious silver stranger. Unbeknown to the crew, the deadly mercenary Callgrim watches from behind an asteroid nearby, preparing his ambush team to strike the wounded vessel.


The Warp Dome Terra Mites patrol the sacred grounds of New Stronghold Blattaria, maintaining a constant presence near its legendary Outer Gate. Heavily armed and possessing advanced programming, Terra Mites serve as the first line of defense against any threat to The Order's main base of operations.  

Mobilizing his powerful Vhorren Guard, Callgrim prepares Fortress Blattaria for an all out assault led by his old rival- the rogue Order soldier known as Riac. Gathered from the most dangerous lost Order regimes, Riac's tenuous alliance of splinter groups and mercenaries stands as a dark reminder to Callgrim of just how far the Order has fallen during his absence.  


The Warp Mines on Blattaria serve as the last known Warp energy reserve in the Glyos System. To control the Mines is to control the future of Warp Technology.

In a last ditch attempt to conquer the Warp Mines, Riac has no choice but to enlist the deadly Elite Sentry Sarvos to aid in destroying Callgrim's Forces who guard this precious natural resource.

"The enemy of my enemy is my ally."



High above the mines in the ancient Tower Galguss, Riac and Elite Sentry Sarvos are confronted with their most deadly adversaries yet, The Twin Shadows- two Armodoc loyal only to Callgrim's Grim Squad.


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