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Energy trails of glowing blue-green and yellow streak across the stars as Callgrim maneuvers his WARP Bike near the edge of space in search of what remains of the precious Aurrem-Ore.


The pure energy from the raw Aurrem-Ore is absorbed by Callgrim giving him a direct connection to the Source and arming him with immeasurable power. The hunter is transformed into a glowing spectre when Aurrem-Ore is near.


The Order are able to cloak themselves temporarily with a simple mental command. The WARP Gear can be manipulated to become any color, tint or opacity, making The Order a perfectly camouflaged formidable force.


Callgrim tints his WARP Gear and armor to scour the deadly swamps of Bross for Aurrem-Ore unmolested by the creatures of the murk.


A small shard of the rare Dark Redlaw Aurrem-Ore at the edge of The Alizoran Forest on Bross.


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